How to create your own custom Dimension Layout


Sometimes a catalog just has to be completely different. With Catalog Maker, you aren’t restricted to using standard sizes – you can create any size of Catalog that you require. Learn how to create a custom dimension layout, and apply it to all of the pages of your catalog. This tutorial takes you through the whole process, step by step.

Learn how to:

Table of Contents

0:00:30 – How to use custom dimensions
0:02:15 – How to add a new blank page
0:02:22 – How to add a product layout
0:02:34 – How to replace products
0:04:03 – How to change font, format & color
0:04:30 – How to save a product layout
0:04:42 – How to add a custom product layout on to the page
0:08:30 – How to add a page header using element shape
0:10:39 – How to save a page layout
0:11:10 – How to add another page manually, using the new layout
0:12:06- How to create a big catalog automatically using your new layout

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