What is Zination


ZINation is an Ottawa based-company founded in 2012 out of Carleton University TIM (Technology Innovation Management) Program.

ZINation builds an all-in-one tech stack that allows brands to provide their consumers seamless multi-channel engagement. This tech stack can replace many broken integration brands currently used to engage with their leads and customers. ZINation covers all steps of engagement from sales collateral to invoicing. Each step of the way is automated and personalized.

ZINation graduated from L-Spark Incubator and Accelerator program. The company is the recipient of the 2017 In-TAC Ambassador award and is serving over 8,000 businesses across the World.

ZINation next step is to provide an AI (Artificial Intelligence) Virtual Assistant that engages customers through instantly-personalized virtual visual-merchandising assets and cutting-edge engagement tools.


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